Outreach & Engagement

Most outreach and engagement programs have a great analytics solution or great patient engagement; but not both.  We believe that having both is what drives better engagement and healthier outcomes. 

Care Management

We believe effective care management begins with a trusted relationship coupled with an understanding of the member and their individual health and lifestyle challenges.

Wellness Management

Wellness programs developed to meet the unique needs of your employee population.  Our programs are customizable and flexible to drive participation and improve health awareness. 

With Knowledge, Comes Power

Since 1997, we've empowered our members with actionable information to identify cost and risk factors.

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A Message From Our CEO

We are fortunate to be witnessing some great innovations in healthcare today.  As the industry continues to advance around value based care and technology in managing care to improving outcomes,
it is more important than ever to engage the patient at their most critical moments.  This passion to drive outcomes has led eHealthScreen to always be better.  We understand that the patient is the most critical variable in care and why we do not leave their health to chance.  We will continue to leverage technology, along with our skilled nurse outreach, to continually put CARE in healthcare.
With a combination of data to make the right decisions and the people to nurture and deliver the appropriate outreach, we are making strides…one patient at a time. Welcome to eHealthScreen.  Serving our customers and patients for over 21 years.
Andrew Lepkoske, President & CEO alepkoske@ehealthscreen.comAndrew's LinkedIn Profile

Acute/Episodic Management

In 2017, I was hospitalized unexpectedly. My nurse care manager called me in the hospital to help me understand what to expect following surgery. She contacted me throughout my recovery to answer questions and help me avoid complications. My doctor was so impressed with my recovery that I was able to return to work sooner than expected"

– Member since 2009

At-Risk Management

My nurse care manager encouraged me to get established with a primary care doctor after reviewing my screening results. My blood pressure was very high, even though I felt fine. My nurse care manager provided me with a log and blood pressure monitor to track and share with my new PCP. I am working with my nurse to start eating healthier and get active. I am so glad my company decided to add this program to our benefits."

– Member since 2016

Disease Management

My company hired eHealthScreen to perform on-site health screenings in January 2012 and my glucose was 245 (extremely high) and my cholesterol was elevated. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol and placed on medications. My eHealthScreen nurse has helped me understand my conditions and how important it is for me to keep track of what I eat to better manage my diabetes and cholesterol. My doctor checked my glucose again and it's almost to the healthy range! I feel better than I have in a long time.”

– Member since 2012